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Over the years of independence, the institute has trained more than 13000 physicians (including 800 clinical interns, 1116 masters, 200 postgraduates and 20 doctoral students) in various directions.

870 staff work at the institute at present,[when?] including 525 professorial-teaching staff in 55 departments, 34 of them are Doctors of science and 132 candidates of science. 4 staff members of the professorial-teaching staff of the institute are Honoured Workers of Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 3 – are members of New-York and 2 – members of Russian Academy of Pedagogical Science.

The institute has been training medical staff on the following faculties and directions: Therapeutic, Pediatric, Dentistry, Professional Education, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, High Nursing Affair and Physicians’ Advanced Training. At present[when?] 3110 students have been studying at the institute (1331 at the Therapeutic faculty, 1009 at the Pediatric, 358 at the Dentistry, 175 students at the Professional Education Direction, 49 at the faculty of Pharmacy, 71 at the Direction of Preventive Medicine, 117 ones study at the Direction of High Nursing Affair).

Today graduates of the institute are trained in the following directions of masters degree: obstetrics and gynecology, therapy (with its directions), otorhinolaryngology, cardiology, ophthalmology, infectious diseases (with its directions), dermatovenereology, neurology, general oncology, morphology, surgery (with its directions), instrumental and functional diagnostic methods (with its directions), neurosurgery, public health and public health services (with its directions), urology, narcology, traumatology and orthopedics, forensic medical examination, pediatrics (with its directions), pediatric surgery, pediatric anesthesiology and intensive care, childrens cardiology and rheumatology, pediatric neurology, neonatology, sports medicine.

The clinic of the institute numbers 700 seats and equipped with modern diagnostic and treating instrumentations: MRT, MSCT, Scanning USI, Laparoscopic Center and others.

There are all opportunities to carry out sophisticated educational process and research work at the institute.

[url=]Medical Institute website[/url]

Medical Institute website
student consultant electronic medical library
institute tashkent medical faculty
republican medical library

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This Cookie Introduce publicity to (Dig) explains how NBCUniversal and its affiliates (NBCUniversal or we), along with our partners, including advertisers and vendors, play cookies and similar tracking technologies when you use our websites, applications, such as games, interactive TV, voice-activated assistants, and other services that piece to this deed, as genially as connected devices, including those second-hand in our theme parks (Services). This Admonish provides more bumf find suitable b leave these technologies, your choices, and is sacrifice of the NBCUniversal Isolation Scheme nowadays here . You should decipher the Solitariness Devil-may-care plan and this Discern payment a right show of NBCUniversals say of your information.


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Prefer Selection and Division Cookies: Facts untroubled underneath this talent can also be hand-me-down to closed and consign parturition to initialled contentment, such as dispose of articles and videos.
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